Tornado Industries is bolstering its ExSELLerate program first introduced a few years ago.
The program awards Tornado distributors, equipment specialists, and DSRs with cash applied to a reloadable credit card every time they sell a qualifying product.
Along with providing an incentive to distributors and DSRs, the program has evolved into an educational tool.
“Our reps say it helps them learn more about their end customer’s needs and even helps us detect industry trends,” says Sean Martschinke, assistant marketing director at Tornado.
Martschinke explains that distributors and DSRs participating in the ExSELLerate program “earn cash every time they sell a qualifying product, and the sky is the limit. They earn cash whether they sell one [qualifying] machine or ten.”
As with similar programs, the ExSELLerate program does have guidelines that must be followed, according to Martschinke, and over the years there have been changes as to what products are involved and which are not.
“But overall it is pretty straightforward [program] and simple to follow.”
He adds that more plans are in store to get the news out about the program, “especially when we meet with our reps at the upcoming ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America tradeshow. The ExSELLerate program is special and we want our reps to know everything about it.”