According to Stephen Ashkin, CEO for Sustainability Dashboard Tools, the top 10 ways to be more sustainable this summer include suggestions for enjoying summer vacations, protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.
"A culture of sustainability is now evolving in many parts of the world," says Ashkin. "This means we think about sustainability in everything we do, from the cars we drive, the products we use…even in how we vacation."
Below are the top ten ways to make your summer vacation more sustainable while:

1. Unplug. Many appliances such as televisions use electricity even when turned off. Unplug appliances from wall sockets to avoid wasting electricity while away.

2. Turn down. If you cannot unplug an appliance, turn it down; use "vacation" settings found on some appliances; adjust the thermostat or turn the A/C off altogether.

3. Water late. Install timers that automatically irrigate lawns and vegetation after 10 pm to use water most efficiently and minimize evaporation.

4. Travel on wheels and rails. Busses and trains require less fuel and produce fewer greenhouse gasses per person than commercial airplanes. And once you arrive, use public transportation.

5. Try a "stay-cation." Staying close to home can be fun and uses less fuel and energy.

6. Choose a green hotel. Green hotels use green cleaning products and have taken steps to reduce their water and energy consumption and waste.

7. Discover green dining. Green restaurants feature locally grown produce, locally raised meat and fish and even locally made beer and wine.

8. Rent a green car. Hybrid and electric cars reduce the environmental impact of traveling and save money at the fuel pump.

9. Ride a bike. Better yet, use your own energy to transport yourself.

10. Choose safer summer products. Use greener, alternatives to traditional sun block and bug spray.

"[And] don't be surprised if a more sustainable vacation also becomes a healthier vacation," adds Ashkin. "The two often go hand-in-hand."