Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems can vary from season to season. But many people, especially those with allergies, are most impacted during the hot summer months. And the hot weather often makes them more susceptible to other respiratory problems.
When it comes to IAQ, cleaning professionals can either protect it or make it worse. To prevent that, Enviro-Solutions offers the following tips to keeping indoor air clean and healthy:

1.    Select cleaning products that have been certified and proven-green by a leading certification body.

2.    Avoid spraying chemicals into the air. Always spray onto a cloth first and then wipe the surface.

3.    Mix cleaning chemicals using auto-dispensing systems.

4.    Use damp microfiber dust cloths to wipe surfaces clean; this will help prevent dust from becoming airborne.

5.    Remove excess moisture from surfaces after cleaning to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

6.    Vacuum using multi-stage, high filtration vacuum cleaners.

7.    Stock janitorial closets with as few chemicals as possible.

8.    Rinse and empty all mop buckets after use. Clean, rinse and air dry mop heads and cloths as well.

9.    Use burnishers and floor machines with built-in vacuum systems.

10.  Place high-performance matting at all entries to prevent dust, soils and pollen from being walked in to the facility.

"Some cleaning work impacts IAQ more than others," adds Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions. "For instance, refinishing floors and carpet cleaning should be performed on weekends or when the building is least occupied."