2024 trends

The top cleaning stories over the first half of 2024 certainly brought variety, but an emphasis appears to be on infection control and sustainability. While the pandemic is in the rearview, lots of interest still was generated over the possible need for vaccines, while the infection preventionist trade — and its importance on facility safety — continues to be on the forefront. 

Other notable headlines include frontline workers picketing for improved working conditions, and the positive impact of gamification on the job for warehouse staff.

The complete top 10 is available below: 

1. CDC Considering COVID-19 Spring Booster Recommendation    

2. Career Advancement Guide Released for Infection Preventionists    

3. Amazon Contract Loss to Cause Significant Custodial Layoffs    

4. EPA Proposes Restrictions on Common Cleaning Chemical Solvent    

5. Warehouse Workers Embrace ‘Gamification’ of Job, Study Finds        

6. Highly Infectious Avian Flu Strain Detected in US     

7. JLL Announces AI-Powered Facility Management App    

8. Georgia-Pacific Commits $150 Million for Paper Machine Rebuild    

9. Mayo Clinic Frontline Workers Picket for Higher Wages    

10. Potential Measles Exposure Announced from Virginia Airport