Top 10 green

Contributed by The Ashkin Group

Yale University has recently released its Environmental Performance Index (EPI). The Index is released every two years, in even-numbered years, and this is their latest report.

Using what the university calls "quantitative bases for comparing and analyzing environmental data," 180 countries were involved in their research. The list includes those countries ranked as making significant progress in adopting sustainability standards and those making the most minor progress – even those going backward. 

At the top of the list — the countries that are most sustainability-focused — are the following:

1.   Denmark

2.   United Kingdom

3.   Finland

4.   Malta (in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea)

5.   Sweden

6.   Luxembourg

7.   Slovenia

8.   Austria

9.   Switzerland

10.  Iceland

"Unfortunately, when it comes to sustainability, the United States places 20th out of the 22 most wealthy democracies worldwide," says Steve Ashkin, the professional cleaning industry's leading advocate for sustainability. "Worse yet we are 43rd on the list overall."

Ashkin says much of this happened when our country withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. "We lost precious time to help mitigate climate change, but fortunately, we are getting back on track." While the U.S. experienced a setback, the EPI listed countries going in the "wrong direction with rapidly rising greenhouse gas emission." These are:

1.   China

2.   India

3.   Russia

It also states that these three countries and the U.S. will account for over 50 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

"While the EPI highlights the different rankings, what is missing are actionable steps we can take to improve sustainability," says Ashkin. "Fortunately, more countries and organizations are adopting sustainability practices independently. This gives me great hope for the future."