Tools To Encourage Proper Hand Hygiene

If everyone washed their hands, 1 million lives could be saved each year, according to an infographic on the Galleon Supplies website. But, only 68 percent of women and 38 percent of men say they wash their hands regularly.

To help improve those numbers, Galleon is offering statistics on what it would mean if everyone washed up after using the restroom. For example, there would be a 50 percent reduction of diarrheal disease and a 16 percent reduction of respiratory infection.

In an effort to further reduce cross-contamination and improve hand hygiene, suggestions on when to wash hands, how to do it properly, and common mistakes are also provided.

Gallon Supplies offers 12 free, downloadable posters that facilities can use to promote handwashing among building occupants. To access additional hand hygiene statistics, and to download free posters, click here.