Father and son using wash hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser.

With the coronavirus outbreak increasing its spread and the flu season still weeks from an end, people worldwide are buying up more hand sanitizer in hopes of keeping their health. Those who overdo it, however, could be causing more harm than good.

Medical experts in Tokyo say that people who apply too much alcohol-based hand sanitizer to combat coronavirus could actually be breaking down their skin to the point that there hands fall prey to disorders, reports Kyodo News.

These healthcare professionals say an excess of hand sanitizer removes "normal bacterial flora” — a helpful layer that protects skin against pathogens.

Not only does using too much sanitizer strip hands of important protective layers, but it also makes skin more irritable. A hand stripped of important oils and moisture is more likely to to be dry and damaged. It will also be more prone to cuts, which make it even easier for viruses to enter the body.

The public's desire for hand sanitizer is palpable — not just in Tokyo, but the whole world over. In the United States, fear of the coronavirus is causing hand sanitizer, water and toilet paper shortages for national chains, including Costco, Walmart and Target, reports Newsweek.