Toilets On Display, A Photographic Journey
Photos by Hidefumi Nakamura

There are few people who can say that public toilets are their passion, but that is definitely the case for one photographer in Japan. Hidefumi Nakamura travels throughout the country in search of some of the quirkiest restrooms. From turreted, castle-style structures to modernist facades to tiled buildings surrounded by cherry blossom, he captures some very diverse designs.

According to CNN Travel reports, Nakamura's photographs capture the unique architecture of each bathroom and give a flavor of each location. In his captions, he adds extra detail about the bathroom's surroundings and distinctive features.

Nakamura's eye-catching shots of these idiosyncratic bathrooms are on display for all to see at his increasingly popular Instagram account, @toilets_a_go_go.

Giving attention to public toilets is not a new trend. In 2016, Lonely Planet published a guide to the world's best bathrooms. In London, developers are looking at converting old public restrooms into restaurants, homes and bars. And in China, just six months ago, officials launched a program that would improve bathrooms across the country.

In the U.S., the 17th annual America's Best Restroom Contest is currently underway. Nominations and winners alike have included some of the most stunning, awe-inspiring and quirky restrooms across the country.