Residents of Hustisford, Wisconsin, once again participated in a unique tradition on New Year's day. To celebrate, the small town holds a toilet paper parade where fire trucks, tractors, school floats and a toilet bowl king and queen progress through town, making themselves targets for strings of toilet paper thrown by the cheering crowd.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the annual tradition is all done for a good cause. Proceeds from concessions and fundraiser tickets go toward scholarships. As an incentive for sales, the male and female that sells the most tickets earns the crown of Toilet Bowl king and queen, and gets the pleasure of riding in a giant toilet bowl for the parade — while also serving as the main target for flying tissue.

Residents of the small town love the event because of the tradition and the fun. To make sure it continues, they also join in the cleanup that immediately follows. According to reports, minutes after the parade is over, kids carrying trash bags and rakes help pick up.

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