Close-up Of A Person's Hand Using Toilet Paper

Tissue and towel converter Outlook Nebraska has added 40 percent to its production capacity with the purchase of an Amica Unica Converting SwingLine from Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC). The new equipment will enable Outlook Nebraska to more efficiently produce its bathroom tissue and towel products and expand its product line to other types of products, says the company in a press release.

The SwingLine installation at Outlook Nebraska’s Omaha facility is PCMC’s first in the United States. The equipment manufacturer has production centers in the United States, England, Italy and Belgium. In conjunction with the SwingLine installation, Outlook Nebraska also purchased and installed a new conveyor from Valley Equipment and TMC.

The SwingLine can produce products Outlook Nebraska previously manufactured on two different machines. With the additional capabilities of the SwingLine, Outlook Nebraska plans to diversify its product offerings to include kitchen roll towels and other items outside of the restroom line.

Outlook Nebraska worked with PCMC, Valley Equipment and TMC on simple modifications to the equipment to make it easier for operation by employees with visual impairment. As part of the AbilityOne program and National Industries for the Blind, Outlook Nebraska employs 75 percent blind labor in the manufacturing of its products. 

The SwingLine comes with human-machine interface (HMI) and servo motors, two industry standards that enable Outlook to easily make adjustments and restore program settings for specific products. HMI lets Outlook more easily add voice output software and large screens without extra programming. 

“Outlook Nebraska is dedicated to investing in our manufacturing facility to improve quality, expand into different product lines, and meet changing customer expectations,” says Brad Sheets, director of operations at Outlook Nebraska. The investment of new equipment sustains our mission of blind employment while maintaining competitive market pricing.”