As nature awakens from the cold, dark days of winter, property owners everywhere are catching spring-cleaning fever. In fact, more than 72 percent of owners will spend time spring-cleaning says the American Cleaning Institute. Many business and home owners often miss filthy areas that are right under their noses.

Rainbow International recommends property owners clean up these five not-so-commonly cleaned areas when spring-cleaning this year:

• Electronics – Everything people touch usually ends up landing on the electronics being used, including cell phones, keyboards, tablets, desk phones, remote controls, and other electronic devices or accessories. Promote hand washing and frequent use of sanitizing gels to help prevent spread of germs from the hands to electronic items. Be sure to check out the cleaning recommendations for your electronics before applying any cleaning solutions.

• Pillows – Dead skin, dust mites, food, mold, and other filth live on pillows – both sleeping and throw versions. Check the labels and wash pillows or pillow covers if possible. Or, consider replacing pillows or investing in zippered pillow covers that can be regularly washed.

• Switches and handles – Use an antibacterial cleanser and wipe down all light switches, door handles, handrails, and faucet and toilet handles. Places such as these are often neglected during normal cleaning, but can harbor many germs and bacteria.

• Ceiling fans and air vents – While periodically dusting the edges of fan blades is important, at least once a year it’s smart to wipe down the blades to remove all dust and dirt to prevent it from spreading into your air. If property owners notice excessive dust on furnishings, a musty odor, or dirty air vents, a professional air duct cleaning may be needed to improve air quality.

• Unclean curtains and upholstery – Pollen, dust mites, odors, bacteria, and mold can become trapped and hide in curtains and upholstery. Check labels and wash or wipe down these items if possible. A vacuum can be used to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair or have them professionally cleaned.