You know the terms Engineered Water, Electrolyzed Water and Activated Water. But what you may not know is that none of these describe water; rather, they describe on-site generated chemical solutions for cleaning and disinfecting tasks.
“While these terms are applied to a variety of interventions, the best and most precise term for effective solutions in this general category is, ‘ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) Solutions,’” notes Laura Louis, field consultant with PathoSans. “On-site generation of these products typically requires water, salt, electricity, and a system to produce and dispense the solutions.”
Why make your own cleaning and disinfecting chemicals on-site?  Below are three reasons and what to look for in buying and using a system:
1.   Cost ─ after initial purchase, an ECA system produces solutions for 3 to 7 cents per gallon. For long-term ROI and cost assessment, consider durability and reliability, look for units having fewer moving parts, e.g., using physics not pumps to move solution, and a long track record with actual users. Ask your system provider the number of gallons produced by the electrolytic cell before the cell needs replacement, and the cost of replacement. Understand available service plans. Based on your projected needs, get a total cost of ownership estimate from the system provider to determine if switching to on-site generation makes sense in your facility. Consider ease-of-use factors such as Ready-to-Use solution versus concentrate, logistics and performance tradeoffs.

2.   Effectiveness, Safety ─ Better products have independent lab validation such as EPA Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) test data showing germ-kill of the disinfecting stream, and for the cleaning stream, Green Certification such as Green Seal’s GS-37 showing efficacy while being friendly to people and the environment.

3.   LEED Points ─ Since ECA systems reduce or eliminate offsite manufacturing, packing, shipping, storing and disposing of chemical solutions and their packaging, take advantage of LEED points for Green Cleaning using ECA. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), ECA devices that have third-party-verified performance data can be compliant under LEED EBOM-V4.