Along with the cost of employee salaries, companies must also expend a lot of money on the janitorial supplies they use to clean. Knowing this, Master Care has developed a list of five things companies can do to decrease cleaning costs and improve margins.

1.     What’s worse than having to spend money on cleaning supplies? Running out of cleaning supplies and then having to rush to replace them. Companies should regularly keep tabs on the their supply levels so that they don’t have to make a rush delivery, which often will cost more than a well-planned purchase.

2.     Putting a ready-to-use cleaning solution to work might save time and make the staff’s job a little easier, but these products cost more than the heavily concentrated products that must be diluted on site.

3.     Ignore the products specially made to care for one particular surface. Instead, save some money by purchasing the products that can be used on varying surfaces.

4.     Using correct cleaning methods not only makes everything safer, it also saves time. Better products also do a better job, so go for a microfiber mop instead of the outdated alternatives.

5.     When an option, always aim to prevent consumption of products form being excessive. One way to do this is to install soap dispensers and hand towel dispensers that are automatic.