Many people think about installing floor mats only at the front door. Mats are traditionally installed at key entries at both commercial and industrial facilities. However, there are actually different mats designed specifically for use in scores of different areas of a facility for different reasons.
Crown Mats and Matting offers the following suggestions for where mats can and most likely should be placed in a typical office building or industrial facility:
Commercial Office Building  
• Welcome facility visitors with a reception mat such as a logo mat or a molded rubber mat specifically designed to scrape and capture soil off of shoes.
• Around computers, copiers, and other electronics, anti-static or electrically conducive mats are recommended.
• Transitional areas, for instance from a warehouse into the main office area, call for transitional mats. Some transitional mats even have an antibacterial adhesive to help prevent contaminants moving from one area of a facility to another.
• A "plush" olefin mat should be installed under water fountains to absorb spills.
• In food service areas, heavy-duty drainage mats allow spills and debris to settle below the mat surface to promote safety and keep moisture and soils from spreading.
• For a gym in the office, there are many different types of attractive, high-performance mats available.
Industrial Facility
Along with all the mats listed previously, the two types of mats most often needed in an industrial location are anti-slip mats and anti-fatigue mats, according to Brett Davis, vice president of sales and marketing for Crown Mats and Matting.
"Some anti-slip mats have an adhesive allowing them to be [attached] directly to the floor," says Davis. "This makes them very easy to install on incline and decline areas where slips often occur in an industrial location."
In addition, anti-fatigue mats are necessary wherever workers must stand for long periods of time.

"The verdict is in on these mats," says Davis. "They can reduce fatigue, discomfort, and pain while improving worker productivity. In many industrial locations, they are a must-have."