Green tone office

Starting and running a business with environmentally sound practices takes planning and attention. But the hard work can pay off for businesses.

According to The Environmental magazine, a solid green strategy can help attract customers and employees, as well an benefit the environment. Ways to keep a business clean from day one include:

• Use green cleaning products that have low or no fragrances. These will have less impact on occupants with asthma, allergies or those that are generally sensitive to chemicals.

• If you have a vending machine, make sure to place a recycling bin next to it. Then, establish a routine schedule to deliver cans to the recycling center weekly.

• If Keurig cups are available, make sure workers know how to break down the cup components before tossing them. Or better yet, stick with regular drip coffeemakers.

• Work with suppliers that also practice green or sustainable initiatives. Partnering with companies that embrace environmental initaitives bolsters a business's rep as one which cares about protecting the planet.

• Improve the indoor air quality by incorporating houseplants into the facility decor.

• Make your office as close to paperless as possible by using secure cloud storage to handle documents several team members collaborate upon and secure backup servers to ensure copies of important docs are easily available.

• Be thrifty and reuse materials and equipment whenever possible.

Business plans designed with sustainability in mind not only save money but they build customer loyalty, as more consumers opt to do business with companies who take concrete measures to protect the environment.

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