Tips To Choosing The Best Green Cleaning Products

Adopting a green cleaning system can reduce a facility’s overall operating costs, as well as its environmental impact. According to reports from, there are very specific steps facility cleaning managers should take to help minimize waste and maximize the productivity of the cleaning staff.

First, it's important to watch for misleading labels. Just because a product is labeled as organic or all-natural, it does not always mean that it’s the best option. Instead, take a holistic approach by examining the overall cleaning and maintenance program to include the product efficiency and labor components.

With any program, the core component to reducing environmental impact is to minimize the waste of cleaning products and supplies. Using the wrong cleaner for the job, for instance, is a waste of both inventory and operating costs.

Facilities can also contribute to green goals and reduce waste by purchasing concentrated chemicals and practicing proper dilution. And when adding water to the cleaning process, train staff to use appropriate temperatures in an effort to save energy where they can.

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