Tips To Building Customer Loyalty

For many in the contract cleaning industry, the hard part of the business is not getting new clients,but keeping those new customers.
Customer loyalty is a big issue for most contractors, and because of this, Ron Segura, president of Segura & Associates, which helps large cleaning contractors throughout North and Latin America grow their businesses, offers the following customer loyalty tips:
Employee loyalty. No customer loyalty program has a chance if your staff isn't behind you. Earn your employees trust and respect. Be consistent and honest. And if a worker has been unjustly criticized by a customer, defend the employee.
Train employees well. View your staff as the face of your company. The customer is more likely to see the cleaning worker than the cleaning contractor. Make sure they are trained well not only in their cleaning duties but in how to pleasantly interact with customers and building users.
Be available. Don't hide behind technology. Communicate to customers how they can get a hold of you quickly when needed.
Exceed expectations. Not only must you deliver on what you have promised in your contract, strive to exceed expectations. Be able to anticipate issues and resolve them quickly. Suggest ways the customer can reduce costs, become greener or more sustainable, even if it has nothing to do with cleaning.
Start a paper newsletter. Set up a system for reaching out to your customers with a flyer or brief newsletter with tips, suggestions, things your company is doing that is noteworthy, etc. And mail it to them. It is more likely to get noticed when it is mailed.
Discuss cleaning technology. Most of our customers have no idea about the new technologies introduced in to the professional cleaning industry over the past decade. Ask for a meeting - something you should do regularly anyway - and show them some of the news systems you are using to maintain their facilities more effectively.
Finally, be reliable. In the contract cleaning industry, customer loyalty starts and stops depending on how reliable you are. Make sure the customer knows they can rely on you.