Tips For Proper School Maintenance

School facilities maintenance is more than providing the day-to-day building operations. It is about providing a clean and safe environment for children and fostering an environment that is suitable for learning, according to an article on the PR Web website.

MaintenX International, a Tampa-based facilities repair company, offered  a list of maintenance tips to help schools stay safe all year.

They include:
• Green cleaning. To avoid certain health hazards and protect students, school facility managers should use ‘green’ cleaning products, which are usually low fragrance and have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
• Preventative maintenance. Regularly checking and cleaning a school’s critical systems can prevent breakdowns.
• Pest control. An Integrated Pest Management program can be a safe, economical approach to protecting a campus from pests. Plans will include treatment for restrooms, cafeterias and other hot spots to keep pests from entering your building.
• Proper flooring. The quality of the flooring is an important part of proper facility maintenance. Routine scrubbing and recoating of your tile floors is necessary to ensure they stay scratch and scuff free.

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