inside a wide bathroom with yellow doors of a kidergarten

Schools are as prime a target as any for a COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, it’s absolutely crucial that these facilities are kept as clean as possible. Custodians and outsourced companies hired to clean and disinfect these facilities do a lot to help, but there are other things schools can do in order to put themselves in the best situation to succeed.

Emily Casey of Enviro-Master Milwaukee suggests to CBS 58 that schools do the following:

- Place hand sanitizer is classrooms and hallways

- Clean restrooms several times and day and continue to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of hand soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels available

- Implement touch-free trashcans

- Allow students to wipe down their desks, chairs and shared equipment with cleaning wipes before the start of each class

- Teach kids how to properly cough, sneeze, and wash their hands