Woman cleaning computer keyboard with duster at table closeup

With federal and local health agencies warning about the possibility for a dangerous one-two punch with influenza season coming up along with the continued COVID-19 pandemic, JAN-PRO CLEANING & DISINFECTING - a commercial cleaning franchise brand servicing customers throughout the country - is looking to help business owners of all kinds by providing cleaning and safety measures to create a good environment for tenants, employees and customers.

"Particularly as cold and flu season begins, we know that employees and customers will want to know what business owners are doing to keep them safe," said Gary Bauer, president of JAN-PRO SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, in a press release. "During these times, it is important for business owners and employers to be able to showcase and explain how they are creating a safe and clean environment for their employees and customers, and we hope that they will consider utilizing expert cleaning partners such as JAN-PRO CLEANING & DISINFECTING to help protect their employees and customers."

JAN-PRO offers the following tips for businesses looking to prepare for cold and flu season:

- Increase cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and encourage employees to wipe down phones, keyboards, door handles and other objects after they use them.

- Consider staggered shifts for employees if possible. This minimizes the amount of interaction that employees will have with one another, thereby lowering the risk of transmission.

- Increase virtual meetings and minimize in-person events and interactions.

- Re-educate and remind employees about social distancing guidelines while in the office.

- Increase the amount of times the business is cleaned by a professional, commercial cleaner.