Businessman running up stairs in a suit

The COVID-19 pandemic is an awful situation, no doubt. But there's at least one thing companies can do to make a positive out of the situation. Businesses can use the current situation as an opportunity to update and improve their business model, as well as their employee satisfaction, writes Tom Devane, vice president of workplace consulting at Philadelphia-based Energage.

The first thing to do when trying to establish change throughout a business is to examine how leadership functions. More specifically, Devane suggests leadership evaluate how they:

- Communicate within the organization

- Stay connected with people

- Motivate people who are working remotely

- Plan for fast changes in the future

Employee feedback is also vital in any situation where organizational changes are occurring. That's because feedback helps to confirm whether a move being made is a step in the right or wrong direction. Devane favors "pulse surveys," which are usually 10 questions or less. He suggests surveys should:

- Determine if workers are feeling motivated

- Determine whether employees think they are appreciated and that their contributions are noticed

- Identify possible issues

- Determine whether or not employees have what they need to succeed

- Determine how well aligned employees are with the company's strategies