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In many industries, sales staff play a crucial role in the successes and failures of businesses. That's because sales departments are part of the foundation on which business is built. After all, what's the use of having a fantastic product that people need if it isn't being sold?

When it comes to jan/san distribution, sales reps play a huge role in the performance of the company. After all, the whole business is built around providing building service contractors, facility managers and other customers with the products and services they need in order to function. When looking to hire one sales rep or several, jan/san distributors might want to consider seeking these five traits suggested by Sales Hacker.

1. Performance

Often times, a good indication of future success is prior success. When interviewing candidates, make sure to gain an understanding of how well they did in their last position. When doing this, it's important to consider a few related things, such as the type of sales that person was doing.

2. Coachability 

Like with professional athletes, some sales reps are harder to coach than others. It's good to hire a sales rep who makes it a priority to keep improving and is willing to learn new skills.

3. Curiosity

Pay attention to what questions a sales rep is during the interview process. A less established business should be on the lookout for someone who is asking questions regarding all facets of the company, not just sales. Not matter the situation, it's encouraging to know that a sales rep is focused on more than just his or her role.

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