Every sales manager is different and each is successful in his own right, but what makes a sales manager great? According to reports from SalesForceXP.com, the best leaders are identified by the performance of their teams, but what makes them great can vary by industry and business type. That said, the list below breaks down what is essential in a sales manager.

• Think Big, Act Small — Think about the big picture and act on the small ones.

• Now Hear This — Don't overlook suggestions from your employees.

• Talk It Out — Communicate and be candid with your workforce.

• Capturing Hearts — Acknowledgement and motivation can contribute to productivity in workers.

• Put It In Writing — Great leaders place importance on writing down their vision, their ideas, their central driving purpose – and then sharing them with others.

• Reward Often — Encourage the success of your sales organization by continually encouraging the teams through monthly and quarterly recognition opportunities.

• Measure Everything — Track the steps of sales performance and analyze the data.

• Feet On The Beat — Maintain a positive presence among employees and customers.

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