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When it comes to which is better at drying hands, paper towels and hand air dryers are in a competition that's just too close to call, says one group of researchers.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences' research team examined nearly 300 published scientific studies and papers regarding the old question of which form of hand drying is better. The results of the study, which was commissioned by Excel Dryer, were inconclusive because the university researchers couldn't find enough complete data in the studies to make a ruling, reports KOLD News 13.

The leader of the research team, Kelly Reynolds of The University of Arizona College of Public Health, says that it is not as important which of the two options are used to dry hands as long as the hands are dried thoroughly. That's because wet hands pick up germs more easily than dry hands. Wet hands also transfer germs to surfaces more easily.

Not drying one's hands well enough (or at all) is the worst mistake someone can make after washing his or her hands. After that, drying one's hands on their own clothing is the next worse choice, according to Reynolds.

If a person washes his or hands with soap and water for about 20 to 30 seconds and then drys those hands completely, they should be good, says Reynolds.