Green cleaning globe

Contributed by The Ashkin Group

Steve Ashkin, recognized as the leading advocate for sustainability in the professional cleaning industry, recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn asking: How important is it that your vendors are climate change- and sustainability-focused?

The poll was conducted the last two weeks of July 2023. More than 80 LinkedIn members participated in the survey. Additionally, there were several comments about the topic from LinkedIn members.

This is what the survey uncovered:

• Sixty-six percent answered that it is "very important" that their vendors are climate change- and sustainability-focused.

• Seventeen percent answered that it is "somewhat important."

• Another 17 percent indicated that it was not important. 

“What we see here is that 83 percent of those participating [in the survey] said it was ‘somewhat’ to ‘very important’ that their vendors focus on sustainability," says Ashkin. "I expect this percentage to grow."

Before we go further with our discussion, the word "sustainability" may need some clarification.

"We are not talking about if a manufacturer, for instance, makes products using few natural resources," explains Ashkin. "What we are referring to is how that manufacturer operates their businesses.”

For instance:

• Are they taking steps to foster social equity?

• Are they profitable and making profits fairly and legally?

• Are they focused on improving their local community?

• What strategies do they have in place to protect the planet's health?

• Are they taking steps to work with vendors that believe in the importance of sustainability?

“Based on the results of this poll, they are,” adds Ashkin.