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Contributed by Sandy Wolfrum, Director of Development, ISSA Charities

Each December, charities reach out to the public to raise support for their charitable endeavors. While we gather with friends and family for the holidays, we can also spread joy by embracing the spirit of giving. To make an impact this year, professionals in the cleaning industry can give back through ISSA Charities. 

Why Charities Need Your Help in December

In the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, donations understandably dropped significantly. As businesses faced losses and millions of people became unemployed, many had to put their charitable giving on hold. However, by the end of the year, overall giving in the U.S. grew by 2 percent compared to 2019. This impressive growth in giving speaks to how people came together to help those in need during a tumultuous year. 

Although charitable giving has picked back up following the first months of the pandemic, the end of the year is a crucial time for charities in the U.S. To receive tax benefits for the year, individuals need to give by December 31, prompting a wave of donations before the clock strikes midnight. In fact, almost one-third of all charitable giving occurs in the month of December. Even more striking, 12 percent of all giving occurs during the last three days of December. During this time, charities across the country work overtime to ensure they have enough funds to sustain another year of activities.

Ways to Give this Season

Looking for a way to give back this season? ISSA Charities works on behalf of the cleaning industry to change the lives of individuals and promote the importance of the industry to the world. It comprises three signature charities, each with a distinct mission.

Cleaning for a Reason works with cleaning service provider partners and volunteers across North America to provide free home cleanings to cancer patients. Cancer treatment can overtake someone’s life and make basic tasks like cleaning the home challenging or even impossible to accomplish alone. With an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2021 according to the American Cancer Society, Cleaning for a Reason provides a sigh of relief and a sense of hope to patients and their families. 

ISSA Hygieia Network advances women in the cleaning industry by providing the tools and resources to grow their careers. According to the McKinsey & Co. “Women in the Workplace 2021” survey, women make up 48 percent of the corporate workforce but comprise only 24 percent of C-suite leaders. To help women reach their fullest potentials and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cleaning industry, Hygieia provides resources including a mentoring program, networking and leadership conferences, webinars, networking events, and regional communities.

Finally, ISSA Scholars provides scholarships to deserving students to alleviate the burden of tuition. When adjusted for inflation, costs tied to tuition and fees increased over the past 20 years for public four-year colleges by 100 percent, and private four-year colleges by more than 50 percent. To cover these increasing costs, 42.9 million Americans owe an average of over $36,000 in federal loans. Scholarships help students and their families achieve dreams of higher education. 

Moving Forward into 2022

The next few weeks are an essential time for fundraising. With your support, ISSA Charities will continue to make the world a cleaner, better, healthier place to live. Visit to learn how to help.