The Budd Group, a family-owned facilities services company based in Winston-Salem, N.C., is celebrating 50 years.

Clients range from colleges and school districts to Class A corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, municipality locations and homeowners associations. The company says its key to success is reflected in its mission statement:

“The Budd Group strives to be a God-honoring company of excellence, which delivers facility-related services and products that meet our customers’ needs, offers opportunities for development for our employees, provides growing value for our shareholders, and contributes to our community.”

Richard Budd had just graduated from High Point College in 1963 when he bought a struggling janitorial supplies company in Winston-Salem. When a client asked if he could provide the cleaning crew to go with the supplies, Budd said, “Yes.” When another client asked if they could mow the lawn at their headquarters, Budd said, “Yes.” Security followed in a similar manner, and today the Budd Group employs more than 5,000 people through ten regional offices, including in Orlando and Tampa, Fla.

With operations extending from Florida to West Virginia, The Budd Group provides integrated, environmentally sound facility solutions, including janitorial, maintenance, landscaping and security services.

“I’m very thankful for our wonderful clients and employees, as well as the communities where we work, who have allowed us to reach this milestone,” says Joe Budd, the company's chief executive officer.