Pile of documents on desk stack up high waiting to be managed

Sharon Schweitzer, etiquette expert and founder of Access to Culture, an international protocol firm based in Austin, Texas, says the benefits of an clean and organized workspace are improved clarity, decreased clutter and better productivity, according to an article on The Chicago Tribune website.

Schweitzer's tips for cleaning office space include:

• Throw out the trash. Schweitzer said that by making a habit of cleaning out unnecessary messes, you'll save space and might actually find a few things you declared  "missing" years ago.

• Keep disinfectant wipes handy and clean your desk surface regularly.

"Some days, I feel like I need a hazmat suit when I come into work," Ryan Brouillet, a 28-year-old paralegal in Chicago, said in the article.  "I'm not psychotic about cleanliness, but I'm organized and I'm civilized.

"The line is that my co-workers don't feel the need to clean up each night because the firm pays for an office cleaning service, but that's a lie and they know it. They're like entitled kids. They all know the cleaning crew can't touch our desks. That's made clear on their first day at work."

The experts would agree. Industry veteran Mickey Crowe offers the following “basics” for office cleaning crews:

•  Do not disturb paperwork on desks. Make note of papers or boxes on top of a trash can that may be serving as a shelf .

• Do not unplug computers or share a strip plug with sensitive devices

• Only clean the contracted areas on the frequency specified by the supervisor.

• Empty the waste basket, spot clean on required days, replace liner as needed and return container back to its original location.

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