The Ashkin Group has honored three organizations with its Green Cleaning Champions award. The award recognizes organizations that have distinguished themselves for their commitment, contribution, and advancement of Green Cleaning.

Honorees include:
ISSA; accepted by John Garfinkel, executive director
US Green Building Council; accepted by Tom Hicks, Vice President of LEED
Leonardo Academy; accepted by Michael Arny, president

“These organizations have not only helped advance the Green Cleaning movement,” said Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, “but they have proven to be powerful catalysts, influencing the direction of the entire Jan/San industry.”

Since its 2005 introduction, The Askin Group has honored 15 different groups with the award and plaque documenting the achievement.

“The plague has a 3-dimensional tree on it, clearly showing the branches, trunk and roots,” said Ashkin. “We chose this because it symbolizes the strong foundation these champions have in our industry, and the fact that their actions and decisions have helped the Green phenomenon grow.”