Bright plastic disposable tableware background

The India Student Association (ISA) at the University of Virginia recently held its second zero-waste event in an effort to promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle among its students, reports The Cavalier Daily.

More than 250 people attending the event, using only compostable or recyclable materials to consume their dinner. 

Like many businesses and groups, replacing non-sustainable materials with recyclable items is a new concept for the association. In the past, ISA would supply plastic cups and plastic plates at its gatherings. However, the association has changed its practice after member became more aware of the waste the events produce.

In some ways, ISA’s shift from using non-recyclable items to recyclable items is a microcosm of how many consumers view plastic and other non-sustainable dining material. At least that’s been the experience of Iowa-Des Moines Supply, a midwestern distributor of jan/san supplies.

Over the last few years Iowa-Des Moines has begun offering more and more green products for a variety of businesses across several industries. One of the top purchasers of these green products are restaurants. That’s because the foodservice industry is making an effort to appeal to the customer’s desire to be treated with sustainable products when they pick up carryout or frequent the drive threw.

As Iowa-Des Moines Supply has discovered, it might be time for more businesses in the jan/san industry to shift their focus to sustainability and zero-waste initiatives.