After launching the Method Refill Brigade in 2011, Method and upcycling/recycling pioneer TerraCycle, Inc. have now expanded the program to accept pumps, triggers, refill pouches and almost any cleaner product packaging, regardless of brand. Schools, offices, families or individuals can collect traditionally non-recyclable cleaner packaging and send it to TerraCycle to earn money for charity gifts and donations through the newly dubbed Cleaner Packaging Brigade.  The collected packaging will be turned into trash cans, coolers and other home goods.
“Packaging sustainability is a core priority built into the design of every Method product,” said Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and Chief Greenskeeper. “In addition to the recyclable packaging we make from recycled materials, we want every part of a cleaning bottle to be used again, including parts that aren’t accepted by most recycling systems, like triggers and pumps.  Our goal with this Brigade is to ultimately collect more triggers and pumps than we actually manufacture, which would substantially improve the packaging footprint of not only Method, but our competitors as well.”
Lowry said he believes that by expanding Method’s partnership with Terracycle to accept packaging from all cleaning product companies, they can work to reduce landfill waste and replace the use of virgin materials while saving energy and carbon emissions.

“We are thrilled that Method chose to expand the Brigade to include all cleaner packaging and offer an end-of-life solution for the entire category,” said Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle. “With effective, eco-friendly cleaners, post-consumer recycled plastic in its packaging, and a commitment to environmentally responsible business practices, Method deserves the iconic status it has achieved in the green cleaning and personal care space.”
Participation in the Method Packaging Brigade is free and all shipping costs are paid.