Tennant Floor Scrubber Earns Top 10 Cool New Product

Tennant Company’s new i-mop XL Floor Scrubber has been named a ‘Top 10 Cool New Product’ at the 2017 National Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing (NACS) show recently held in Chicago. The NACS Show is the premier event for the convenience and fuel retailing industry.
“We are delighted to see the i-mop XL recognized as a top new product offering at the NACS show,” said Bryan Smith, Tennant’s Senior Marketing Manager-North America. “This product is truly reinventing floor care in the quickly evolving convenience store industry. As C-stores have become true food destinations with quality food service and fresh food options, customers have a new expectation of clean.  We know this machine delivers on that expectation.”
The i-mop XL is a durable automatic floor scrubber that replaces mops by offering a solution designed to use clean water and immediately recover the dirty water so floors are almost immediately dry.  “Mops can be a challenge,” notes Smith. “Most people don’t change the water often enough so floors don’t really get clean, and then there is the hassle and risk of wet floors.” Automatic scrubbers, like the i-mop XL, use a combination of brushes, cleaning solution, and a recovery squeegee and vacuum to clean fast and effectively.  While larger automatic scrubbers have been used in larger format retail stores for decades, the i-mop is the first floor scrubber to be specifically configured for small spaces such as convenience stores.
With the i-mop XL, owners and operators can: 
 • Clean roughly 1,000 square feet of obstructed space in less than five minutesi-Mop (Photo: Business Wire)
 • Move through crowded aisles “cord-free” with powerful lithium-ion batteries that recharge just like a mobile phone or laptop
 • Help prevent costly slip and fall accidents due to wet floors
 • Clean under fixtures and around tight spaces with the maneuverable, low-profile design
 • Leave floors almost immediately dry, eliminating the need for wet floor signs or closures that impede traffic and reduce sales.
“Cleanliness is a key success factor,” says Greg Ehrlich, Vice President of Operations with Englefield Oil’s Duchess Shoppe. “Everyone thinks using a mop is cleaning, but all you’re doing is moving dirty water around.” The Duchess Shoppe chain operates more than 120 convenience stores ranging throughout Ohio and West Virginia.