Tenn. Schools Disinfected As A Precaution During Flu Season

Johnson City, Tenn. area school systems announced closures to try to control an outbreak of seasonal illnesses and give the schools a deep cleaning, according to an article on the Johnson City Pres website.

The long weekend meant a lot of work for custodians who were charged with disinfecting the schools before students’ return on Tuesday.

School officials said that while attendance in the city’s schools hadn’t dropped too much last week, the system scheduled the cleaning as precaution than a reaction, and the students’ and faculty’s time off meant ample time to get buildings clean and sanitized.

Custodians began scrubbing classrooms in addition to scrubbing bathrooms, clinics and cafeterias. High-contact areas were first priority for sanitation, so desks, keyboards, water fountains, bathroom sinks, door knobs and tables were targeted for cleaning.

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