While we often think of using air dryers, also known as air movers or blowers, after carpet cleaning, they can be essential after performing floor care tasks as well. Most importantly, this equipment helps ensure floors dry thoroughly and evenly so they can be returned to use as quickly and safely as possible, says Mike Englund, a cleaning instructor and product manager for Powr-Flite.
However, it is important to know how to use air dryers properly. Powr-Flite's Floor Care Troubleshooter provides the following “Ten Tips on How to Effectively Use Air Dryers.”
1. Make sure the work area is properly ventilated. Proper air circulation throughout the area is necessary for air dryers to work effectively.

2. The air dryer should blow over the floor and not on the floor. Place the machine at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

3. Install air dryers every 12 to 16 feet. “On carpeting, we suggest one air dryer every 200 feet,” says Englund. “In most cases, this [recommendation] is true with hard surface floors as well.”

4. Oddly shaped rooms may need more air dryers than square or rectangular rooms so plan accordingly.

5. Place an air dryer in all corners of the room.

6. Select stackable air dryers that offer variable positions to deal with different floor situations especially in large floor areas.

7. Never place the air dryer directly against the wall; it should be at least six inches from the wall.

8. Select air dryers with variable speeds. “In some cases, a lower [speed] setting is preferable—for instance, if floor finish has just been applied,” says Englund. “Usually, after mopping a floor, a higher speed is best.”

9. If floor care tasks are performed in multiple rooms, install air dryers in each room as it is completed.

10. Use the machine with care and store it properly.

“Some new generation air dryers are exceptionally durable,” adds Englund. “These systems tend to be ‘roughed up’ on the job, but with proper care and storage they should provide literally years of service.”