In an effort to help make carpet care greener and healthier for cleaning professionals, carpet cleaning technicians, building users, and the environment, CFR has compiled ten tips for green carpet care.
"The professional carpet cleaning industry has not jumped on the green bandwagon as completely as the jan/san industry," says Doug Berjer, Product Manager for CFR. "But the [carpet cleaning] industry is getting greener, and as it does, these tips are designed to help clarify what it is all about."
1. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. As carpets become soiled, they can attract more soil, negatively impacting indoor environments.

2. Always use HEPA or high-filtration vacuum cleaners.

3. Select green cleaning agents and spotters whenever possible.

4. Remove spots as soon as they are noticed, spots can attracting more soiling.

5. Clean carpets when needed and not on a set schedule to save energy, water and chemical usage.

6. Do not over wet carpets when cleaning using the extraction method.

7. Select carpet extractors that recycle water/cleaning solution to use water and chemical more efficiently.

8. Extract as much moisture as possible when cleaning carpets to speed drying time and reduce the possibility of mold or mildew.

9. If using conventional cleaning chemicals or spotters, use the mildest solution possible to handle the cleaning task at hand.

10. Always neutralize high-alkaline or high-acid cleaners after use.