According to CEO Strategist, the bridge between you and your customer is your employees. Your employees are in the trenches, creating success, communicating with your customers and building relationship equity. They are your point men and women. Make no mistake; they are the ones that create world-class service.

Here are ten steps to world-class service:

1. Assess the talent that lies within — Consider options on how to make your staff more effective.

2. Consider reassignments — Once you know the talents of your staff, do some restructuring so employees are doing jobs they are best suited for and can utilize their individual talents.

3. Identify your most precious assets — Treat your most important assets accordingly and they will perform like your most important asset.

4. Start at the beginning — Develop a profile for your ideal employee and always be on the lookout.

5. Identify training needs — Identify training needs throughout the organization and develop appropriate programs to address those needs.

6. Encourage coaching and mentoring — Create an obligation for all managers to spend a minimum of thirty minutes a month discussing performance and opportunity with their direct reports.

7. Create a culture of fairness — Employees want fairness and that starts with pay, benefits and recognition.

8. Hold them accountable — Give employees the tools and provide the resources necessary for them to reach a standard of excellence.

9. Communicate effectively — The first step towards leadership is communication and it has to be done effectively. Employees often feel empowered when they are kept informed. Miscommunication, rumors and garbled messages cause conflict and distrust.

10. Trust and respect — Employees will not start respecting their leaders until their leaders start respecting them. Same goes for trust.

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