Ten Steps To Starting A Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial janitorial services are a great idea when you are planning to launch a side business, according to an article from TrainingZone.

Office cleaning is a complex procedure and workplaces usually prefer to get it done by professionals. The best part is a commercial cleaning business assures excellent profit margins where contracts range from $1,000 to $3,000 a month, and cleaning is something that is always in demand.

Here are 10 steps to start a commercial cleaning business:
 • Start with a business plan. This is a blueprint of what the business will become.
 • Choose a business type and compelling name. The name should be something people will remember, and becoming LLC or a corporation can have various advantages.
 • Decide on target niche or range. Know who your target audience is.
 • Open a business bank account. It’s essential to keep finances separate for personal and business.
 • Decide on your rate. Are you charging hourly, or using a customized quote?
 • Make sure you meet appropriate license and permit requirements.
 • Check the insurance requirements. Accidents are often reported in this line of work and you need to be covered.
 • Consider tax requirements, so you are prepared come tax time.
 • Make sure the business complies with legal standards.
 • Focus on marketing. A strong online and offline marketing strategy will help spread the word about the company.

For specifics on each of these steps, read the full article here.