There are ten characteristics that make up a successful salesperson. These characteristics are designed to not only help distributors enhance their sales performance with end customers, “but also improve the entire selling process for all parties,” says Leah Runge, head of AFFLINK's eLev8 marketing and communications. “Consultative selling is all about problem-solving and relationship building, which is why it is effective.”
According to Runge, consultative selling is a process that helps jan/san distributors become trusted advisors to customers. This type of selling allows the distributor to focus more specifically on identifying and then satisfying customers’ cleaning and maintenance needs.
The ten characteristics of a successful consultative salesperson are:
1. Develops excellent listening skills
2. Takes time to build relationships
3. Understands the customer’s unique needs and cleaning challenges
4. Employs electronic or web-based processes that offer product solutions based on the client’s goals and universal business needs
5. Identifies and appreciates the client’s unique personality style
6. Finds common ground to build camaraderie
7. Helps the client realize he is making the correct purchasing decisions
8. Never interrupts the client
9. Never finishes the client’s sentences or thoughts
10. Creates an atmosphere of trust.

“Consultative selling allows distributors to develop a ‘we can’ approach,” says Runge. “And, this approach to selling makes everyone a winner.”