education, pandemic and health concept - group of students in masks and teacher at school

A sophomore at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona has completed a project that leverages UV light's disinfecting capabilities to destroy the germs on objects. 

Kristopher Luo has been giving his portable UV boxes to his teachers, who can then place items in the box to "kill" the germs using the light, reports Fox 10. The teen told reporters that he was inspired to develop the boxes because many of the home UV sanitizers are expensive.

The teachers at Luo's school have been so thankful for the gifts that some have written him letters expressing their gratitude and encouraged him to continue crafting the boxes. However, it's currently difficult for the teen to create more boxes because he has been paying for the costs of developing them on his own. To offset the costs, he has created a GoFundMe page.. As of late Tuesday morning, six people have donated a combined $465 to the cause, and Luo's goal is to raise $3,000. To view the GoFundMe page, go to