blue sign to refer to a public toilet. The label with the designation of men, women and those with disabilities

Those leading call to bring more adult changing stations to public facilities across the nation will undoubtably be fans of Olivia Brohard. That's because Brohard, 18, spent a year raising funds for the installation of a family restroom and adult changing stations at the immensely popular Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

The facilities, which were recently implemented, were inspired by Brohard's brother, Abram, who had lived with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, reports WDTN. Brohard remembered how much her brother loved visiting the Columbus Zoo. She also remembers how her family had to leave every visit early because there were no facilities that could accommodate Abram, who needed assistance in virtually every aspect of his life, including every time he needed to relieve himself.

The issues the Brohard family faced regarding the lack of sufficient public restroom offerings are common for families featuring someone with special needs, but they're not something that the average person would think about, said Brohard. Her hope is that the "Stay All Day" project will allow families like hers to enjoy more time at the zoo without having to worry about restroom visits.