Forest wildfire smoke

As wildfires continue to rage, communities face ongoing indoor air quality problems. Pyure Dynamic Protection, provider of air and surface purification, safely and efficiently improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by rapidly reducing the harmful smoke, chemicals, and odors that these wildfires emit. The technology naturally breaks apart pollutants in the air and complements a building’s filtration system to create fresh breathing spaces.

Canada is battling its worst wildfire season on record, and toxic smoke is moving across North America, with eighteen states currently under air quality alerts. And the fires in Maui have created another tragic disaster. As reported on ABC, the forest fire season is expected to last for several more months.

Wildfire smoke has a massive impact on indoor air quality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency details how particles find their way indoors, through natural ventilation, including open doors and windows, mechanical ventilation such as HVAC systems and fans, and air infiltration through small cracks and openings. The chemicals released by wildfires irritate the eyes and the entire respiratory tract. For businesses, suboptimal air is linked to increased employee absenteeism and reduced customer revenue.

Pyure actively breaks down smoke and chemicals in the air, reducing harmful toxins, eliminating odor, and creating fresh, clean indoor spaces. As soon as Pyure solutions are installed, people notice a material reduction in smoke and odor, indicating that the chemicals in the air have been cleansed, and a healthier environment has been restored. Irritation to the eyes, lungs, and nose is significantly alleviated.

Pyure solutions integrate into any HVAC system and distribute cleansing organic oxidants that break down toxins, creating a fresh, safe IAQ environment. Pyure portable devices are well suited for temporary remediation or permanent use.