Just as not all floors are the same, not all customers/facilities are the same. While we want to keep every customer happy, the bottom line, quite literally, is that some customers are more valuable - and profitable - than others.
This month's Powr-Flite Floor Care Troubleshooter identifies some of the different types of customers cleaning contractors might encounter when formulating bids for restorative floor care, stripping, and floor refinishing.
Among these are the following:
The one time/one location client. Some customers just want their floors stripped and refinished once. Possibly this is a new construction job or a building that is for sale, etc. In this case, your bid should be on the higher end. There is no reason to offer this client a special discount.
The long-term/multi-location customer. On the other hand, if a customer is a long-term client or has several locations they want serviced, you'll want to be sure your estimate takes the whole opportunity into account. Don't lose money on any one job, but build in special discounts that will help ensure this continues to be a long-term client.
The opportunity customer. If you believe this customer has the potential of being an ongoing client, and especially if they own or manage multiple locations, then offering a special discount or some free services may be one way to encourage future sales.
The high expectation customer. Floor care is an investment, and some customers want to invest more and expect more for their "floor care buck." Even if this is a regular customer or has the potential of being a regular customer, your bid should reflect their expectations. If they want Tiffany service, don't charge Wal-Mart rates.

The "one job" but more services customer. Some customers may only want a strip and refinish job performed once but may request additional floor-related services on a regular basis. For instance, they might want to outsource having the floors scrubbed and refinished or buffed or burnished on a set schedule. In this case, a discount might be in order.
"When bidding on floor care work, some contractors just base their charge on the size of the area," says Debby Davis, a floor care expert with Powr-Flite, manufacturers of floor care equipment. "There are many variables to consider and one often overlooked is the type of client."