Merging businesses

TEAM Software, a provider of technology solutions for contractors in the North American cleaning and security markets, has acquired Kwantek, a Louisville, Kentucky-based software company specializing in applicant tracking software (ATS) for high-turnover industries like cleaning.

The acquisition, which was announced in a press release by TEAM, expands TEAM’s North American product offering to include pre-hire solutions.

TEAM offers a technology suite that includes a full-service accounting and financial package, operations management, mobile workforce management solutions and business analytics. The fully integrated platform automates business critical functions, streamlines back-office operations and improves workforce productivity in the field, increasing efficiency, profitability and growth. TEAM also has product offerings for cleaning, security and facilities management companies in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

Kwantek helps build security and cleaning companies with recruiting through a suite of tools designed to diversify applicant pools, improve efficiency and enable a more selective hiring process for high-turnover situations. Solutions include job board posting features, candidate management tools, pre-hire screening assessments, and integrated background screening and onboarding as well as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) filing.

“This acquisition makes a lot of sense strategically since Kwantek and TEAM have had a close partnership for many years already,” says TEAM CEO John Leiferman. “In today’s uncertain economic environment, it’s more important than ever to clearly track and understand the entire workforce lifecycle. We’re proud to be the only industry-specific software provider in North America with a fully integrated solution that now includes a pre-hire component for cleaning and security contractors. We’re able to help our clients navigate these challenging times with unique insight into workforce management data by bringing our solutions together."

TEAM and Kwantek have been strategic industry partners for the better part of a decade and share more than 100 mutual customers. Kwantek’s ATS solution already is seamlessly integrated with WinTeam, TEAM’s signature financial, operations and workforce management enterprise resource planning. In addition, the two companies share a focus on the same industries along with a similar customers-first approach to business. 

“We’re thrilled to become part of the TEAM family, and it’s such a positive move for our customers,” says Jeff Davis, president of Kwantek. “We’re looking forward to increasing the value we offer through expanding our integration, combining resources and influencing the industries we serve in the U.S. and Canada.”