Toilet bowl

Toilets are taking center stage — or front yard — in perhaps one of the most bizarre fundraising efforts ever created.

Volunteers in Hope, Indiana have devised a project that calls for painted toilets to be plopped in front of the homes of citizens, reports WHNT 19. The purpose: encourage people to help conquer hunger.

The system works like this: Unique toilets are placed in the front yard of homes. When the people residing there inspect the commodes, they find a letter inside explaining the toilet is just a pawn being used to raise money for the hungry. The letter offers a proposition: either pay $10 to have the toilet removed or pay $20 to have the toilet placed in the yard of a friend, family member, or neighbor. By coughing up $30, participants can ensure they never receive a traveling toilet again.

Those who don’t want to participate in the scheme have a way out. They can pay $40 in advance to be put on a list announcing they’re a “party pooper” who doesn’t want to play along.

At the time of the report, four toilets have been placed in front of 45 different homes in a little over a week, raising more than $1,000. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $2,000 to help pay student lunch accounts in situations where parents are struggling to cover the cost.