Sustainability Of ElectroChemically Activated Solutions

Contributed by PathoSans.
On September 24, 2015, sustainability went from a feel-good, nice-to-have to an essential pillar in every successful company. What’s so special about that day? That’s when Fortune Magazine published an editorial from two McKinsey & Company managers with this title: “Like it or not, sustainability is now core to your business.”
Sure, green initiatives have been around for years, along with a spotty record of corporate buy-in. But weighty pronouncements from a global management consultancy giant like McKinsey move the needle. Verifiable, sustainable practices are now expected in all facets of your business. More facility managers and janitorial departments are tasked with meeting LEED Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) criteria. Cleaning and disinfecting with ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) solutions are a smart way to get that LEED point.
“Customers and employees are demanding environmentally responsible solutions.  Businesses meeting LEED criteria within their facilities’ cleaning programs have an advantage with these conscientious consumers,” said Laura Louis, PathoSans.
Because they are generated on-site, ECA solutions reduce a company’s carbon footprint and divert their waste stream. Connected to a building’s plumbing, the system softens tap water, adds salt and activates it with an electric charge. The result is two solutions, one for cleaning and another for disinfection, that can fill spray bottles, buckets and scrubbers. The system eliminates shipping remotely-manufactured chemicals and keeps their packaging out of the landfill.
ECA solutions don’t add irritants or perfumes so they don’t emit harmful VOCs, improving indoor air quality. Because there is no chemical residue to rinse, the system also uses less water.
Think True Green
Overstating a product’s benefits − also known as greenwashing − has plagued the industry for decades. That’s why LEED certification requires third-party verification. Look for an ECA Solution system that produces Green Seal GS37 Certified cleaners, and third-party tested disinfectants.
Save Money
Solutions from an ECA system are inexpensive, costing between $.05 to $.07 per gallon as compared to $.35 to $.50 for conventional cleaners dispensed from concentrate. Yet, upfront costs may put off potential users. In answer companies are offering rental programs that include maintenance and upgrades, making green-technology more accessible.