Facility managers around the world will be honored June 27, during the fifth annual World Facility Management Day. 

The event is sponsored by the Global Facility Management Association, a worldwide federation of member-centered organizations committed to providing leadership in the facility management profession. 

This year’s theme is “Creating, Sharing & Learning.”

The event is designed to recognize and honor the crucial role facility managers have each day in keeping schools, offices, large public facilities such as airports and convention centers, and multi-unit residential communities healthy, clean, and safe.

It is also intended to raise the profile of the facility management profession on a global scale.

According to Stephen Ashkin, CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC, the day honors facility managers not only for their many successes and achievements but also for their ability to adjust to changing roles, times, and situations.

For instance, Ashkin says, two or three decades ago, the primary role of facility managers was to make sure buildings had shiny floors, were comfortable to work in, and had the lights turned off and the front door locked at the end of the day.

“Now many managers are strategic planners, using dashboard systems and other technologies that help them operate ‘smart’ buildings that work more efficiently, using natural resources more responsibly, have less impact on the environment, all at a reduced cost and with less impact on the environment,” says Ashkin.

Special promotional materials have been specifically developed for World FM Day. To access these and other information, visit http://globalfm.org/events/world-fm-day-2013.