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For businesses of all sizes, more and more consumers are expecting brands to take environmentally friendly and sustainable issues to heart. By preaching certain messages but not having a concrete plan to follow through, companies run a greater risk than ever for bad press and even lost businesses.

These expectations come hand-in-hand with recent legislative measure that encourage corporations to consider climate risk in their business plans, along with a recent infrastructure bill that invests over $1 trillion into clean energy research, sustainable transportation methods, clean water programs and more.

As reported by the Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals, all of these factors provide a great opportunity for brands to go all-in on sustainable measures and differentiate themselves. For guidance on how to take action, in-house facility cleaning programs, BSCs and distributors alike have access to a Clean Energy Program portal provided by the Westchester County Association and Pace University’s Energy and Climate Center.

The portal, accessible at, provides a simple way to find government sponsored initiatives and other programs that can help companies develop a reasonable plan to reduce carbon emissions. Additional resources are searchable for improving energy/heat efficiency, federal tax programs that incentivize electric vehicles, and more. 

All searchable programs also provide information on qualifying information and key contacts to get in touch with.