According to surveys conducted by Clorox Professional Products Company, three in four American consumers are disgusted by urine stains and urine odors in public restrooms, and many cleaning professionals report that removing urine odors is number one among various restroom cleaning priorities.

The survey of consumers found that to avoid using public restrooms, Americans take the following actions:
• 50 percent of people drive home to avoid using unclean public restrooms
• 64 percent of people hold their breath to avoid restroom odors
• 63 minutes - This is the average time people have “held it” just to avoid an unpleasant restroom.

The cleanliness of a restroom can also impact a business’ bottom line. Survey findings show that:
• The majority of parents surveyed (70 percent) say a school’s restroom reflects the quality of the school, its staff and its teachers.
• More than a third (39 percent) have immediately left a restaurant, gym, school or other place of business because the restroom smelled like urine.
• More than half of consumers (55 percent) would give a more negative review of a business (online or offline) based on restroom cleanliness.