A recent survey of facility managers revealed the key reasons why installing water-free urinal systems can be beneficial. The majority (57 percent) cited water and cost savings as the leading factor. Other reasons included:
• Wishing to "test the system": 15 percent
• Trying to improve restroom hygiene: 14 percent
• Reducing restroom maintenance time and related costs: 14 percent

In recent years, some facility managers have complained that no-water urinals cause odor problems; however, this was not borne out in the survey. What was revealed in the survey was that 43 percent indicated they have "no odor problems" with the waterless urinals; 42 percent said any odor problems they experience are "no more than" those encountered with traditional urinals, and; 14 percent indicated they do have odor problems with the no-water systems.
"We were glad to see [that the] overwhelming majority indicated their custodial workers were taught how to clean and maintain the waterless systems," says Klaus Reinhardt, founder and President of Waterless Co., LLC. "Although it is not much different than cleaning traditional urinal systems, training is essential to ensure the systems work properly."
Finally, the respondents were asked to rate their overall experience with no-water urinals. A quarter of those surveyed indicated their overall experiences with no-water urinals had been less than satisfactory. However, approximately 30 percent indicated their experiences were "satisfactory to good," and forty-three percent took this a step further, indicating their experiences with waterless urinal systems had been "good to excellent."

**The majority of the respondents (57 percent) indicated they have 10 or fewer no-water urinal systems; this was followed by managers with 10 to 50 systems (29 percent), and 14 percent responded that they have more than 100 waterless systems installed in their facilities.