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A new survey has found that 84 percent of U.S. workers expect employers to take measures to help offset the rising cost of gas. The Opinion Research Corp. findings say that employees expect employers to:
• Institute or expand car-pooling programs – 61 percent
• Provide incentives for the use of mass transit – 51 percent
• Permit working from home – 51 percent
• Provide a gasoline allowance to cover additional commuting costs – 42 percent

When the survey asked what employers had done to defray the cost of commuting, just 35% said they had taken any action. The most common measure was to include new or expanded car-pooling programs (18 percent). Others offered working from home (18 percent), providing incentives for mass transit use (12 percent) and providing a gas allowance (11 percent).
The survey also found that 11 percent of respondents are now considering leaving their jobs as a result of rising gas costs.
The report reflects findings from a telephone survey of 460 adults employed full-time during June 6-9, 2008.